An Exceptional Stone

An overview of the Hearts On Fire story, from our rare diamonds, to our master craftsmen, to our renowned technology.
Length: (2:48)

Transcript of Video:

The story begins with a rare stone – quite literally a diamond in the rough. But not just any diamond, less than 1% of the worlds gem quality diamonds are qualified to make it into a Hearts On Fire workshop.

All of our diamonds are selected from knot free crystals which perform at the highest level of intensity allowing you to express yourself with the same.

Craftsmen who meet our standards are as rare as the diamonds themselves. Less than 400 people in the world are qualified to create a Hearts On Fire diamond.

While most manufacturers use a 10 times magnification process we craft our diamonds at 100 times magnification using NASA based technology.

Of the 4 C’s cut is the only one under man's control. It’s also the most important in revealing a diamonds beauty.

Hearts On Fire has two unique cuts; the round brilliant HOF diamond and the square Dream diamond. When a diamond is perfectly cut a phenomenon of light creates a brilliant 8 pointed Fireburst across the crown and a ring of perfectly matched hearts seen from the bottom. Hence our rather unique name.

Combining Rolls Royce anti vibration technology with traditional recipes of diamond dust and olive oil our master craftsmen create a perfect finish that produces an amazing display of light… so even in candlelit settings HOF can be seen dancing from 5 tables away.

Transformation complete The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond deserves an equally extraordinary stage. Our diamonds are placed in exquisite settings that showcase their intensity. Simply put Hearts On Fire is the very best for your very best and an intense expression of your most intense feelings.