Elle Women In Television

For the second year in a row, Hearts On Fire co-sponsors the ELLE Women in Television event in West Hollywood, CA on January 22, 2014. A total of $15 million worth of HOF diamonds adorned the tables at the event and of course the celebrities!
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Seth: Hey Guys, Seth Plattner with Elle Magazine here at the sunset tower in Los Angeles on the red carpet. We are about to talk to some of the most smartest, most beautiful, most charismatic women on television today to find out what exactly it is like being a woman on TV in this golden age of television. We’ve got Mindy Kaling, Zooey Dechanel, Cast of Orange is the new black. It’s going to be a great night, let’s get to it.

Emmy Rossum: “I’m Really excited. Elle gave me my first cover I was ever on, Elle girl when I was 16 and then Elle when I was 18 so I’m just excited to be here and show love”

Robbie Meyers: Women in TV are doing some of the best work on television right now and it’s really a moment where women are not just in front of the camera, but writing their own shows, producing, making it all happen and we got four of the best ones on TV right now for our covers.

Seth: What’s one of your favorite shows to binge watch on TV?

Mindy Kaling: I love House of Cards and I’m actually really liking workaholics. My friend Anders Holm who’s on the show is one of the stars on that show and I love it.

Kiernan Shipka: Netflix has been great, for me so Parks and Rec, the Mindy Project. Super excited to see Mindy Kaling.

Malin Ackerman: I do everything on DVR and Netflix because I have a 9 month old so the last show that I watched full on was breaking bad.

Zooey Dechanel: I love Parks and Rec, Mindy, Girls, obviously all the gals hat are on the cover.

Kate Walsh: I’m a binge watcher. I save up and then watch it all on my laptop or I just started watching true detective though which I’m obsessed with.

Alexandra Daddario: House of Cards is a big one for me. I binged on that and I’m really looking forward to it coming back.

Constance Zimmer: Every day I work on that show, I pinch myself because I still can’t believe I work with those people. I’m just a little girl on television, you know what I mean, they are all movie stars.

Joel McHale: Joel, how do you feel being a woman on TV? It’s great, you know it’s been hard because I know that uhh, just all the waxing, all the stylists, all the makeup and hair, and all that, it’s expensive.

Molly Sims: I love TV. You know it’s what got me from modeling to acting and it’s just so great to be able to support these amazing women and their achievements.

Keke Palmer: I’m excited to see all the women from Orange is The New Black because that show is everything. It’s to die for, it’s ridiculous!

Sarah Rafferty: I just got to meet some of the cast from Orange is The New Black, that was thrilling for me.

Seth: Your show has been the one show that they’ve binge watched, are excited about or loving, it’s Orange is The New Black. I mean how does that fee, to know that?

Uzo Aduba: It feels amazing and I just feel so glad to be apart of a show that I feel is doing something so different and created kind of a new voice. That’s really exciting.

Seth: That’s our red carpet guys, as you can see there were some great talent here we’ve got Malin Ackerman, Emmy Rossum, Constance Zimmer. It’s going to be a really fun night, I’m going to head inside.