Elle Women In Television 2015

On January 13, 2015, Hearts On Fire was once again thrilled to be a premiere sponsor of the ELLE Magazine Women in Television celebratory dinner, which took place in Hollywood, CA. The intimate dinner was hosted by ELLE Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers and featured more than 120 of the television industry’s top actresses, actors and industry executives.
Length: (2:28)

Transcript of Video:

Reporter: Hey Guys, Seth Plattner here from Elle Magazine, now listen it is no secret that in today’s age we are all obsessed with television, and I guarantee if there is a show that you watch and love there is a woman in this room tonight who is here to help ELLE celebrate our Women in TV issue who has helped to make that show smart, funny, compelling and really unforgettable. It is a stacked night with a stacked red carpet so let’s tune in.

Reporter: What are the other women on tv that really inspire you?

Shonda Rhimes: I’ve really liked the stuff that Lena Dunham’s doing. I think that her women who are sort of young and searching are really three-dimensional and really fascinating to watch

Lena Dunham: Hope Girls uhh, reflects an accurate version of you know the twenty something experience back at its viewers and just shows women and..as messy and complex alight/ alike? As men have allowed to be portrayed on Tv for ages.

Reporter: What’s been the scariest thing you’ve done on screen as actresses?

Sarah Paulson: I had to breast feed a friend of mine that.. on television. That wasn’t super comfortable. He’s a thirty five year old grown man. That was.. .was pretty scary

Amanda Peet: Really why?

Sarah Paulson: Also knowing that my dad was going to watch it.

Reporter: What are you wearing?

Aja Naomi King: I’m wearing Elizabeth Afranci and the jewelry is Hearts On Fire.

Reporter: Let’s see.

Reporter: If you could own one piece of diamond anything, what would it be?

Aja Naomi King: I would want the Hope Diamond. (Laughs)

Xosha Roquemore: Maybe diamond hoops all the way around. It’s very Jennifer Lopez, very glam.

Reporter: Tell me what you’re wearing.

Karen David: I’m wearing jewels by Hearts On Fire.

Reporter: Are you a blingy girl, like diamonds?

Karen David: Oh who doesn’t like diamonds?

Sarah Rafferty: The jewels are Hearts On Fire of courseee!

Reporter: Ohh you like a diamond?

Sarah Rafferty: Yes girl’s best friend.

Reporter: Tell me what you’re wearing.

Julie Bowen: This is Hearts On Fire.

Brittany Snow: Hearts On Fire I’m wearing them.

Reporter: If you could have any piece of diamond jewelry gifted to you what would it be?

Jenna Elfmen: Probably a pink diamond.

Reporter: Tell me who are some of your TV girl crushes?

Busy Philipps: Obviously, I love Hannah on Girls. Love that little Lina.

Sarah Paulson: We’ve been in love for a long time.

Reporter: How long?

Amanda Peet: Long time.

Sarah Paulson: Well we have 3 children together.

Reporter: Who are some of your favorite women working in television right now?

Bella Thorne: Oh my gosh okay Shonda Rimes this is so freaking cool. I passed by her I.. I love Scandal. I love How to Get Away with Murder it’s my new obsession. 

Gabrielle Union: Everyone is doing their part to try to leave their imprint on what a woman is and what a woman could be and gives you something to aspire to be, gives you something to be inspired by, but uh anyway you cut it its real.