Meet Our Designer, Ilaria Lanzoni

Hearts On Fire Director of Design Ilaria Lanzoni joined the diamond jewelry brand in 2012 after working for many years in London for Garrards Fine Jewelry. Her passion, experience and creative talent was a perfect fit for Hearts On Fire and she has already designed four of the Company's most exciting collections to date - Illa, Copley, Lorelei and Atlantico.
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Transcript of Video:

Our new jewelry designer is Ilaria; a creative, passionate, energetic talent. In 2011, we spent 8 months searching the world for new, creative talent to bring to Hearts On Fire. We were looking for a world-renowned, world-class jewelry designer. We went to New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, and even London. And in London we discovered an Italian woman, who's working there with some of the world's major jewelry brands. We were very excited by where she was in her career, and where Hearts On Fire is in our evolution; a perfect match, synergy at its best. And today we're really excited about all the new designs that Ilaria has put out for us and we're looking forward to a great future together.